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I answered an ad... my first! 'Couple want to clean, discreet and professional men to meet a good time with his wife. Husband to see. ' I placed apetube most of the criteria, I replied. I was very excited when a positive response appeared in my mailbox... Expressed interest and asked for a picture the face with a 'woman' in order! I thought she looked beautiful... very short hair and looking dwarf... I have my picture again. They have wanted, because a week later I was parked outside their country of origin. I wore a suit and carrying my suitcase at the door, for what seemed like a visitor in good faith. My heart was pounding as I knocked on the door and waited. I have to worry, apetube the door was a bright and friendly Jeff, who invited me in. We have entered the room and there he opened Jacqui... I was right, it was elves, a small woman, but absolutely beautiful. We said hello and sat down. It was not until the afternoon, apetube but Jeff and Jacqui had a glass of wine and asked me to join him atHem. It was a good idea because I think for everyone involved, can be a bit stressful to meet new people with whom probably get very close very quickly... All this helps to relax. And we have to relax... although I am well aware of the fact that if I was to meet before it is Jeff to see.... I was not sure if that would impact my ability or have not been... I was not the potential problem 'came static ' made... a glass is enough! I have to worry... the conversation soon turned into sex... It turns out that Jacqui and Jeff loved it, too, for some reason he does not have apetube a high sex drive at all... although, he said, seeing the thoughts of another person was up to the hilt, to turn a Jacqui. apetube His skill with words made ​​Jacqui look embarrassed... But just the opposite effect on my tail ! I suppose in an effort to embarrass Jacqui barrier rose and walked toward apetube me.... sits on the arm of my chair to rest. 'Well, David, ' that sHelp: ' Do you think, Jeff, please contact us' Ireplied : ' I ​​do not know,.... but I would definitely like to try !' I reached out and gently pulled her face, and she bent down and kissed my lips. The kiss was long, slow, persistent, the guy who really is tingling... when we kiss she opened her mouth... in a truly deliberate... She said, 'Kiss me dirty, kiss me like I want to fuck !' I needed no further encouragement... kissed her, as I have never been kissed... keep the other's face... I need not have worried about tough... the kiss was only responsible for my pants! Jacqui slipped off the back of the chair and straddled me.... without lips on my part... He began to rub on me when we kiss... then stopped and pulled his shirt. She was very lively, small breasts, but nice big nipples. I have my way around your neck as she shook her head and moaned, 'Suck Me Babe '... She moaned, 'Suck me hard !'.... He... I took a nippl between my lips and pulled my tongue over the tip and the other brushed gently with your fingers... were established and obviously very sensitive... so apetube just gently touched him.... alternating with tongues apetube and fingers and occasionally sucked my tongue hard and threw himself on the nipple... quickly and easily. Jacqui started moaning and shouting very loud from the moment that aims... pushed too tough on my tail... Although they were both dressed almost could feel its heat. ' God, I feel so bloated,' she exclaimed : 'I'm fucked for ages ' She came and pulled my shirt and over his head. I have a furry (or less) in the chest and grabbed two handfuls Jacqui and then buried his face in my chest. 'Jeff, Jeff, Dave cock like me so apetube much... ' he said. 'Jeff ??'... Damn, I forgot about Jeff! I looked at Jeff... He apetube smiled back, his pants down and had his cock in hand... beat away! 'Jeff ?' I said. 'Go for the man, ' Jeff smiled. 'Get it to her... she is fighting for it! ' Jacqui and I slipped off the chair and pulled her apetube skirt... She was small, but powerful... They had white cotton pants and I could not help but notice the wet spot between her thighs. I fought and tore off my jeans. She straddled me, we kissed more and rubbed her pussy on my cock stiff again. I reached down and slipped a finger under the elastic of her panties.... really wet and ready, as was my finger slid easily into her. ' Ah, yes.... touches me... touch me please,' she complained. I did what I said was.... I slipped my finger inside her and gently turned him.... touch her clitoris, then slide back more turns to her clit again. Jacqui and I almost bent down his pants... I came hard and ready. slid : ' I'll suck Dave Hahn Jeff ' he announced, 'is long and thick, and fill your mouth with it !' This comment was run for the benefit of Jeff quite effectivet me! He had with his mouth wide.. She sucked and licked the top two inches and is pumped into the shaft by hand. Jeff was old enough to pump on its axis, when the naked eye, and he nodded in encouragement. I was always near Cuming and it was too good to end so quickly. So I grabbed my cock and put Jacqui in the chair.... how small, could lift easily. She leaned back and spread her legs... I moved her, she grabbed my head and pushed me hard between her legs. At first I covered the entire pussy with my mouth and sucked gently. He kept talking to Jeff... tell you exactly what she feels... 'God, he is sucking my pussy.. sigh.. Jeff just suck.... oh god... I lick.... lick me lick my clit.... David... ah, yes.. momentum.... deepest tongue right inside me.... yes.... girls suck suck me lick me... 'I could not see, but Jeff could hear old cock pounding away at and panting with us. Jacqui suddenly shouted 'I want cock! 'He jumped from his chair and pushed me to the ground. She came to me the straw with your mouth and suck my hand and it was great.... He turned to do this, obviously, want my face between her legs. I went up and over me. she was always very wet and very well.... I knew my face was wet with his cum beautiful. Then again.... 'I want your cock inside me,' she said. was straddling on me, grabbed me tight apetube and let down to me. rubbed the head of my cock all over the lips of her wet pussy... 'Oh, yeah... Oh God, I want so much to me ! Come on girls..... Come fuck me fuck me deep and hard.... leave me that cock! 'Although I had all this for the love of Jeff... really did not hurt my cause Jacqui fell slowly on my cock.... it was close... very close... my cock is quite thick...... apetube not massive, but it was a perfect fit for your luck.... SHand was very wet, and slowly and carefully lowered themselves. It was wonderful.... so close... and once I got into the right to the hilt, began to rise and fall on me... his hands on my chest... Handful of hair, as it lacked the air and hit me up and down.... , Yells at Jeff, I was his bitch.... I was taking my cock hard and wet apetube and his semen running down my penis and testicles and stomach.... I started to say this.... Jeff The three of us were beaten like rockets Stephenson ! Jacqui was so easy, but fixed on me. She leaned back so that the shaft of my cock rubbed in it. He showed her clitoris, so I took it between my fingers and thumb.... it was well built and massaged, while going up and down my cock. That was it, she cried : 'God, I come, I come fuck me fuck me girls.... yeeesss Oh!' And he did it..... and I have..... and apetube Jeff! It was amazing !... She was so beautiful.... Jeff was happy. We still have a couple of times... inthe coming months. It was always good... but never as good as the first time... And you know what... Because in reality was a bit back in! Who would have thought ? FINAL.

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